Bridal Beauty Interview with Your Beauty Junkie

One of our favorite bloggers, Jamie of Your Beauty Junkie, always brings us a dose of pretty positivity, and we could not be more excited about her upcoming wedding (mostly for the hair & makeup, thought we’re happy for her and her fiance as well!) In this interview she shares a little bit about how she got started blogging and some of her wedding beauty plans!


Hey Jamie. We’re a big fan of your blog and have loved watching you grow and expand your site. What’s different now versus when you first started blogging? Any tips to those just starting out?

The difference between my blog now versus a year ago when I started is probably quality over quantity.  When I first started YBJ I was over excited about my newfound hobby and would post every little thing I could think of that I loved that was beauty related, whereas now I pick and choose and literally only post about the best of the best.  Whether it’s product reviews, giveaways, makeup tutorials, whathaveyou, I refuse to post about mediocre products just to get something out there.  It’s hard because when I first started out I felt obligated to review everything the beauty company reps would send me, but now if I don’t love something, I simply email them and let them know I won’t be posting about their products because they didn’t work out for me and I always offer to pay for the products and their troubles when that happens.  I want YBJ to be where ladies come to find true treasures in beauty.  There tons of beauty blogs out there that post negative reviews, “ok” products and every little thing that comes to mind.  YBJ is meant to be a beauty lovers goldmine!

My tips for those just starting out would be not to start a beauty blog unless BOTH beauty AND writing are true, deep, passions of yours.  Mainly because after the newness fades and you start to grow it becomes an actual job.  You gain fans that look up to you and your advice that you can’t let down.  You really have to love it in order to keep up with it all and keep everyone happy.  I’ve heard of some girls starting beauty blogs just to get free products and those are the girls who will never see success.  Never start a beauty blog to get free stuff!  It’s tacky and beauty companies will see through you…particularly if you aren’t a good writer.  When you start out (and if you are good) they will come to you.  When I first started I blogged about items I bought or tried out and was crazy about never thinking I was going to get anything out of it.  So imagine my surprise when only a week in I had multiple companies reaching out to me to try their products in exchange for review.  I had no idea how they found me but I must say I was pretty honored because it meant that they liked my writing.  You really have to love writing to run a successful blog of any type.

We know you’re getting married (very) soon! Are there any famous brides you’re basing your beauty look on?

To be honest, yes, but not because I’m a huge fan of the person.  Being that I’m half Middle Eastern I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s makeup and being that I have similar features I’m basing my makeup look off of the way her makeup was done at her last wedding.  I’m not a big fan of natural looking makeup at all so I’m going for a dramatic, smokey eye, a contoured and highlighted face and a nice subtle pink light lip.  I want my makeup to scream GLAMOUR! ;)

What about pre-pampering? What beauty prep are you doing for the big day?

Oh multiple things! I’ll be getting my hair cut and colored the week before, of course a mani/pedi, facial, and a massage…the works!  My Maid of Honor is also treating me to eyelash extensions before the big day. I’ve had them before and love them for events (not a big fan of them for everyday though) and especially love stacking false lashes over the lash extensions for extra drama.

Any “something blue” planned for your makeup?

Nothing blue for makeup sadly, no.  Blue just looks terrible on my skin tone! LOL.

Finally—the honeymoon! What will you be packing in your getaway bag and what will stay at home? Any beauty must-haves that you always travel with?

We’ll probably wait to go on our honeymoon until early next year as I’ve just started a new job and am already taking a week and a half off for the wedding and don’t have any time leftover.  Regardless, beauty must-haves for travel for me are as follows: Keranique hair products, Miracle Skin Transformer Body, Bio Gorgeous Peel, Oscar Blandi’s Texture and Volume Spray, and of course all of my cosmetics (too many to list).

Michelle Howard loves Clinique's' Superbalanced Makeup


Michelle Says: it really does’t look like I am wearing foundation while having buildable medium to full coverage. It also adjusts with your oils thoughout the day. At first I’m a little dry then a little oily later. I never look flaky or oily!


Jeannie loves Laura Mercier's' Foundation Primer


Jeannie says: It helps my foundation go on smoother, last longer, and improves the look of dry/flaky areas. Shake it up before you use it - it separates! Also not the best in terms of oil control, maybe the oil free one would be better for that (I haven’t tried that one myself so I can’t say) 


My - Kathryn of Pretty Simple Style

Our favorite all-american beauty, Kathryn of Pretty Simple Style, somehow manages to keep her lifestyle completely simple but also 100% enviable. She’s our daily read for delicious simple treats, DIY projects, and of course—beauty basics that pack a punch. Today, she shares her basic approach to beauty and her must-have products.


Hi! Let’s jump right in. Tell us a little bit about yourself & why you got into beauty blogging!

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I am a beauty product addict.

Purchasing beauty products is a simple way to try out a new style, completely change your look, or improve your mood (I can’t count how many times finding the perfect color of nail polish has made my day a little brighter). Finding the right product, like the perfect concealer or lipstick, can give you an instant boost of confidence when you need it, and on a daily basis, can save you a lot of time during your morning beauty routine.

I focus on the best products to give me a “go-to” simple look and I love sharing my product knowledge with friends. I hate when I see a product in a magazine, purchase it, and I am not happy with the results. I share my beauty reviews with the hope that others will avoid the same product mistakes, and instead, discover products they absolutely love. PrettySimpleStyle is an accumulation of my favorite things and current obsessions. From beauty, which is a major focus, to fitness, fashion, craft projects, and food, PrettySimpleStyle is a guide towards elegant, effortless experimentation in life and in beauty. 

According to your blog, you are aiming for a “fresh-faced” look, which we love. Who do you look to for everyday inspiration?

I get inspiration from celebrities who choose the fresh-faced look, over a full face of makeup (a la Kim K). I love how Miranda Kerr (who has her own organic beauty line), Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Biel and Rosie Huntington-Whitely choose simple makeup for their everyday looks.

And what about when you’re going more dramatic? Do you have a go-to going out look, or do you like to experiment? 

I have two looks that I rotate when I have big night out. I choose either 1) dark, smoky eyes with a nude lip or 2) defined eyes with a bold lip. While both of these looks are classic, there is a lot of room for experimentation with each.

Kathryn keeps it simple but dramatic with her eyes. Love those brows!

I think ‘smoky eyes’ has become everyone’s ‘go-to’ evening look but many girls don’t realize that you can easily customize and create your own style based on this look. To craft a personalized take on the ‘smoky eyes’ look, all you need to do is experiment with any dark color (greys, dark plum, various browns, bronze and of course, black) and try experimenting with different eye shadows and liners. I’ve personally had a lot of success with a black pencil eyeliner blended with a little petroleum jelly to create a wet ‘smoky eye’.

The bold lip look is always fun because lipstick colors change every season and this allows you a chance to incorporate the latest trends in fashion through your choice of lip color (but the perfect shade of red always makes a great impression).

You obviously love a very classic look, but have you ever had a beauty experiment go awry? 

I think every girl has a beauty horror story; I know I’ve had my fair share. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned? Don’t try to color your hair at home.  I leave that to the professionals.

If you could raid any movie character’s makeup bag, whose would it be?  


That’s a hard question to answer, because even though I do love a fresh face look, what girl wouldn’t want to play in Effie Trinket’s (from Hunger Games) makeup bag. She wears the most amazingly vivid colors to match her hair and outfits. While her makeup is extreme and the complete opposite of my style, I couldn’t pass up the chance to be made up like her for a day! Plus, she must have some amazing products from the future, right?

Finally, what are some of your must-have products? What can you absolutely not live without?


Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm

I have tried all the Dr. Jart+ BB creams and I think they are all great products, but I always find myself going back to the Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF45. I apply this after my moisturizer and then apply makeup only where it’s needed. I love this BB cream because it has a high SPF, it moisturizes my skin and it has just enough color to help even out my skin tone. If you live somewhere where it gets really hot in the summer, I encourage you to try Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream because it is great for helping you control oil and not break out.

Cetaphil Moisturizers

I have sensitive skin and Cetaphil is one of my favorite hypo-allergenic skincare lines. I have been using Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF50 for a couple of years now. It keeps my face hydrated and it is non-irritating, fragrance-free and best of all, non- comedogenic (meaning it won’t break you out). Recently, Cetaphil came out with a new moisturizer: Dermacontrol Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30. I have this product as well and if you are prone to break out or if you live somewhere hot/humid, you should definitely try it. With an SPF 30 rating, it provides protection from the sun, is non-comedogenic, and is oil-free, so it’s a great alternative to the Daily Facial Moisturizer, since it’s not quite as slick.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick

I believe in fresh, natural looking face and I only want to apply makeup where I really need it. This foundation stick is great because I can target the areas that need more coverage and makes getting ready extremely fast. You can rub this product in with your finger or apply it with a foundation brush to get a more airbrushed look.

I am a fan of stick makeup because it’s so easy to apply and travels well. I carry this foundation with me every day for touch-ups.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

I wear this bronzer every day because it’s blend-able and easy to apply (I don’t have to worry about having really harsh bronzer lines on my face). This bronzer has amazing colors to match your skin-tone and does not have shimmer. I use this bronzer to create a natural-looking contour to my cheekbones and jaw line.

L’Oreal Voluminous Power Volume Mascara

Nothing makes me happier than finding great drug store mascara, because I go through mascara so quickly. This mascara is cheap and gives you lots of volume. Nothing is easier than dressing up a fresh face look than adding big, thick black lashes.

Bonus! Aquaphor Healing Ointment

While this product can be a bit large to lug around. I find that I never have dry or chapped lips when I am using Aquaphor’s Healing Ointment. I am obsessed with this product and always have a bottle in my bag. This product is so versatile – it’s great for fingers (so you don’t get hangnails), elbows and heels too; I just don’t apply it to my face because it is so thick.

Want to see more of Kathryn’s great picks? Follow her beauty faves on!

My - Candice of The Makeup Box

Candice at The Makeup Box is a daily inspiration for us. No one does pretty, pop-inspired eyes or pink neon lips like she does. Her tumblr has everything beauty — tutorials, Q&A, swatches, and her own awesome advice. We were lucky to grab a little bit of her time and learn what this glamorous beauty babe can’t live without. 


Hi! Let’s jump right in. Tell us a little bit about yourself & why you got into beauty blogging!

I’m Candice Chen, 32, Singaporean, work in social and digital marketing, wife, animal-lover, ex-songwriter, online gamer, and complete geek when it comes to most things beauty-related.

I’ve been interested in makeup since the first day I painted my dolls’ lids and lips silver (sorry, Barbie) and in my teen years organized makeover sessions for my cousins and girlfriends (sorry to them as well).

They’ve long since stopped subjecting themselves to my abuse, so beauty blogging was a perfect way to get more use out of all that makeup, and also connect with all these girls – and guys – who share the same curiosity or passion for beauty. (That, and my inner geek wanted to compare search engine performance between Blogspot and a relatively-new platform like Tumblr.)

We love that you’re focused on all types of beauty content on your blog, from swatches to Q&A to posting looks and tutorials. What do you love the most?

Most definitely tutorials. I just like the simple idea that someone can go to my archive, scroll through the images, and any time they see a look they like, they can click for a detailed guide on how to can recreate it for themselves. I think it’s a much better way to share and carry things forward than just having someone admire a picture.

One of the things we’ve seen recently is a trend towards experimentation and drama. You play with color a lot, especially with your eyes. What would you say your beauty aesthetic is and how is it influenced by trends?

I would say makeup for me is more about exploring ideas organically than following trends. Sometimes trends are fun because they inspire you to try something you might not have thought of before (e.g. I never thought of trying neon pink lipstick until the Candy Yum Yum craze a few years back.) But trends have an expiry date. Ideas don’t. My interest might be sparked by anything, from a 3-year-old magazine at the doctor’s, to an online image, to a song, to a random item in my makeup collection that caught my eye.

I like pushing the envelope from time to time but I mostly pick one feature to highlight and keep the rest neutral and soft. I firmly believe unless you work onstage or in front of the camera, your makeup shouldn’t upstage you. I also tend to focus on the eyes more while blogging, simply because there’s more room for experimentation with different color combinations and textures. Most people won’t wear crazy colors or multiple shades on their lips, so while it’s fun to look at, it wouldn’t be of help to many.

Have you ever gone too far with a look? Any beauty experiment go awry?

Too many. I’m always testing and trying to use products in different ways, or formulating my own weird concoctions to see if there are better, faster, cheaper ways to do certain things and my husband worries that my room will explode one day. Probably the worst thing I ever tried was testing if the latex adhesive that comes with nail foils was the same thing used for brands like Glitzy Lips, because they look and smell about the same. (Heck, when there’s a 10x difference in cost, it’s worth a shot.) Well I applied it to my lips and happily noted that it didn’t sting or cause a reaction but when I finally ripped the foil off, it ripped my lip and I wouldn’t stop bleeding for 5 scary minutes. I still don’t know if those glues are the same thing but I know I’m not trying ANY lip foils anymore.

You’re much braver than us! I think we’ve only tried the lip-gloss-as-blush trick in a pinch. Experimental or not, what are some of your must-have products? What can you absolutely not live without?


Bifesta cleansing lotion (Japanese micellar water similar to Bioderma’s Crealine)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Neutrogena’s non-sticky, high sun-protection facial lotions

Carmex Lipbalm

MAC Studiofinish concealer

Shu Uemura Hard Formula 9 Brow Pencil in 05 Stone Grey

Seche Vite fast-dry topcoat

Want to see more of what Candice loves? Check out her beauty favorites at

My - Laura of Broke Beauty Blogger

Beauty subscription boxes are the new hotness when it comes to discovering makeup products to love — when we’re deciding on which sub to buy we look to Laura Begley from Broke Beauty Blogger, who writes awesome reviews on sub boxes like Birchbox, Glossybox, and (for your pup!) BarkBox. She’s also loves makeup, just like us, and shares some of her favorites below. 


So let’s start by learning a bit more about you. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Broke Beauty Blogger!

I am 24 yrs old- finishing my my masters but really working full time as a singer- I sing mainly for Dallas Opera including doing outreach in schools and such introducing kids to opera.

I got into makeup and such BECAUSE of singing. One day about 3-4 yrs ago an agent in a masterclass told me I need to spruce up my look—and I have loved it all ever since giving myself a full makeover.

A few years ago (2?) I stumbled upon my first subscription box. I started looking around and came across the sub box that most people know - Birchbox. After waiting about a month I signed up and it’s been non-stop intrigue since then.

While I was waiting and after getting my first box I started searching around for subscription boxes which led me to quite a few blogs that featured a lot of subscription boxes. Some are great but as a whole the reviews tended to be short or overly nice or would just name the product with a price and that was it. I started to think that I should blog about things to give my honest review. I didn’t want to focus just on boxes though and wanted to do Beauty/makeup stuff as well which I hopefully will have more time to do soon. A lot of women don’t know where to even start and recommending ONE product may give them a way to dive in or find a new product that they will love as much as I do. I’d written a few reviews for my friend’s Opera site Operagasm (best name) and I am a Elite reviewer on yelp so I knew I could write reviews and such.

Really, I wanted to be a honest reviewer from MY own humble opinion and I wanted to talk about and introduce people to two of my loves- beauty/makeup and subscription boxes.

What a great reason to get into blogging. We’re obviously similarly passionate about helping friends discover amazing products, too. We have to ask—what we the major changes in your makeover?

Hmm good question! For one it was just to put more on! I was blessed with good skin so I didn’t really wear foundation all the time. Wearing a good foundation really set things up—-the other was my eyes. I used to line just my bottom lid which I know is that opposite of most people but with my big eyes I look sickly without it- learning what liner shape works for my eyes and lining the top was a huge change for me.

There seems to be a trend towards the experimental. Lots of dramatic colors, nail art, etc. Would you say you’re more classic or trendy?

That’s hard but I definitely lean more towards classic. I have porcelain skin so I can’t wear everything that is on trend. That being said I LOVE experimenting with lip colors (orange is big right now and I haven’t tried and orange lip yet) and I’ve always been one to have fun with nail colors- I’m not great at nail art- I just got my first dotters- but I love crazy colors and I almost always have one nail different. I keep most of my makeup close to the same though since I want to look my best- and try as I might emerald (which is big now) looks terrible on me (as eyeshadow I should say)

Do you have a favorite lipstick shade?

I like corals and red but really a nice pink is great- I love my hot pink smashbox but I have a couple light almost glittery tarte lipsticks/tints that I love. Pink looks good on me so I tend to I tend to gravitate towards it.

We’ll ask one more question before we get to your “must- have” products, and it may be very difficult to answer. Birchbox or Glossybox?

Hmm I just started glossybox so that’s a hard one- right now I get 4 beauty subs for the record- I think everyone needs to try Birchbox since it is the sub that seemed to start them all but I have recently like glossybox’s stuff better!

Finally, what are your beauty must-haves?


Tarte Lip Surgence

I am in LOVE with Tarte LipSurgence lip tints, matte lip tints, and lip lusters. They are the same thing but one is matte and one the lusters are glittery. I have around 10 of them and would love to have ALL of them. From Fiery (deep red) to Adored (a glittery pink) to some of their nude colors- these colors ALWAYS look amazing. I 100% recommend getting a random set from Sephora when thye have them or picking and choosing what amazing colors you like best!

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Mascara

This is my go-to mascara. My all-time favorite and trust me I’ve tried a million! I like Benefit’s They’re Real too but there is just something special about BADgal. I usually go towards waterproof mascaras and while they make a waterproof version now I prefer the regular one. It give you separation AND volume. Love.

BareMinerals PrimeTime Primer

I use BareMinerals foundation and powder but don’t think that this swayed me into liking this primer. I’ve tried a ton but I keep coming coming back to this Primer. Everyone should wear a primer- and if you don’t go the BB Cream route I highly recommend this product. It makes my skin feel silky smooth and ready for foundation!

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink

This is for all my other fair-skinned ladies out there! I have very fair, porcelain skin and while all blushes work, I never thought you could LOVE a blush. Well, I love this one. I change up blush but when I want to stun with my makeup I wear this perfect pink.

Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste

I got this as an extra with another product buy and didn’t think much of it- for one it was in Medium and I am very fair. It sat in my vanity for awhile until I decided to give it a try- woah! This product is wonderful for covering up my massive under-eye circles. I wear it every day now (fyi I don’t use it as a concealer for anything but under eye circles) and let me tell you a little goes a LONG way! I suggest going for medium at least since that’s what I use and I’m fair. You need a darker color to offset under eye circles.

Want to see more of what Laura loves? Check out her favorite beauty products at!

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